Many fans have faced heartbreaks after the relegation process in the Premier League started. Some of the players from the bottom-placed clubs have even taken away hearts when they suffered Premier League relegation but finally went on to win the Championship later in their professional football career. Read below to know some.

    • Shaun Wright Phillips

Back in 2000, Shaun Wright Phillips used to play for Manchester City and in the season 2000-2001, they finished the tournament in the 18th position. Twenty years later, a young footballer named Shaun Wright Phillips played for the Citizens. The right-winger was a part of the Premier League relegation process of that campaign. He helped Manchester City to come back into the top-flight clubs in that season, his finest time came when he was able to lift the Premier League finally along with Chelsea in the season 2005-2006.

      • James Milner

There will always be some room for James Milner and he will have to take the back spot in his center-back position. The footballer from Yorkshire has added his name into three winning teams of Premier League with his latest being with Leeds United in season 2003-2004 after being relegated from the championship.

      • Thomas Kuszczak

The famous goalkeeper has more Premier League titles than Seaman, Ederson, Lehmann, Alisson, and others. His spell laden by the trophy was with Manchester United and it helped him to get over the Premier League relegation that he suffered being with West Bromwich.

      • Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson is another footballer who has faced relegation from the Premier League at the age of 18 when he played for West Ham United. Johnson went on to win the Premier League title during his spell with Chelsea when he was just 20. He has played for some big names like Stoke City, Liverpool, and Portsmouth.