Last weekend, Manchester United resumed their campaign of torture by drawing with Everton at home after previously beating Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City nonetheless.

It also meant the Red Devils failed to take advantage of Chelsea’s slip up against Bournemouth. Tottenham now sits in fifth place and looks set to be the team capable of sustaining a challenge against the Blues for Arsene Wenger’s favorite spot.

United weren’t the only team to witness trouble in paradise on the Sunday afternoon. After dispatching Chelsea, the previous week with a 4-2 win, Everton caretaker Duncan Ferguson faced his first passive-aggressive public bust-up with Moise Kean, the signing from Juventus.

The Italian has been on the receiving end of all manner of contempt as a result. Former Manchester City electrifying forward Shaun Wright-Phillips says that kind of behavior is the last thing a team like Everton trying to get their baloney together needs.

Few will let off Moise Kean though given what led to his behavior was the fact that Ferguson introduced him 20 minutes to the end of the match and subbed him off 3 minutes from time.

For a player struggling to justify his big money move from Turin, that action led straight at his pride, thus acting out.

Wright-Phillips who spent time at both City and Chelsea and was made to know having speed or talent wasn’t enough was not in the least bit impressed by Kean’s lack of professionalism.

For the former England international, Kean’s reaction showed that he cared more about his image than his team’s overall health. As far Ferguson may be concerned, removing Kean was the best decision there and then for his team and the 19-year-old’s reaction by walking past him and heading straight for the dressing room is just a little phase that he will have to outgrow.