Ian Edwin Wright, the professional footballer from England aged 55 years and television/ radio personality has achieved a lot more than the others with a great amount of hard-work and dedication towards the goal that he set for himself. He works at various news studios and has delivered plenty of shows and commentaries. Wright has played 213 games in the last seven years at Arsenal. As he holds an emotional connection with the Gooners, he suggested them to change their manager last year and stated that the club was stagnating quiet well before the League Cup final drubbing in 2018.

Apart from this Wright, who retired from playing football in the early 2000s, believes that Arsenal should keep changing their managers as soon as possible since it will take the club years and years to regain its status all over again as one of Europe’s elite competitors. Controversies and Wright are no far apart from each other. He’s usually seen tweeting about several things and has always been a part of controversies. Recently he was seen tweeting about a fan of the Chelsea team charged for using bad language which was also racist against a Manchester City player Sterling.

Apart from all this, he is always been seen worrying about how Arsenal fairs. He apparently wants them to be the best which currently they’re not working hard in it. He is also skeptical about what the big players in Arsenal are giving to their team in return. He thinks that the pair is not able to justify the high amount of money paid to them. They take almost half a million every week, a majority of the amount at least. It will be interesting to see how this turns out in the future.