There have been a lot of forceful changes being made in the hierarchy of Football Association of late. All the people, who had played a key part in the hiring of Roy Hodgson and then, keeping him in the job even after the World Cup debacle, are exiting and the new set of people is taking over and that has put a big question mark over the future of Hodgson as England boss.

There is little possibility that Hodgson would be shaken from his position before the Euro Cup, but, whether he would stay at helm till the next World Cup or not, that’s not certain now.
Hodgson had a lot of support from the old decision makers of FA. They always backed him and had they been there, the 67-year old would have hoped to hold his position till 2018, but, that’s not the case anymore.

It remains to be seen how much trust the news guys have on Hodgson. It is believed that the FA officials are going to make a decision soon if they want to offer the manager a fresh deal or they want to wait and see how well the Three Lions go in the Euro.

The latter is looking more probable to happen because giving Hodgson a 2-year extension right now would be too risky a decision.

England might have been going pretty well in the Euro qualifiers, but, they have a lot of work to do still.

Winning obviously always helps and raises the confidence of the team, but, it’s also important to keep in mind against which opposition the wins are coming against.

The FA top brass would surely be taking all the things into consideration. It would be very surprising for a lot of people if they extend Hodgson’s contract in the next few months.